The Lash Bar

Your appointment will be comfortable and relaxing. Leave behind the stresses of your day and perhaps take a little lash nap. Our company culture is different than anywhere else. Come check it out and see what all the hype is about. If you are a veteran, then you know the drill! We are the best of the best, and won’t settle for anything less.


3397 N 1200 E Suite 110
Lehi, UT


Mon: 8am – 6pm
Tues-Thur: 8am – 8pm
Fri-Sat: 8am – 7pm


(801) 473-2615

Blink, Blowdry, Bronze

Full service Eyelash Extensions

We offer classic lashes, volume lashes, hybrid lashes (a mix of classic and volume lashes) and mega volume eyelash extensions.

Every set of eyelash extensions is customized specifically for you! We tailor the lashes based on your eye shape, the length of your natural lashes, and the look you are going for. Yes, classic lashes can be a great natural look for you, and so can volume! We do a consultation before your appointment to create clarity on the look you want. All of our lash artists go through an extensive training process before they become a master artist. We got you!

Full service hair salon

From a blowout, wedding updos, to cuts and colours we do it all. Yes we have hairstylists that specialize in mens cuts so your husband doesn’t feel left out, and we do kids cuts too! Bring the whole family in, we will take care of you!

Full service tanning salon

In addition to our custom airbrush tanning we offer, we now also have the best tanning beds in the industry. As a bonus to the tanning beds we offer sessions in our cocoon wellness pod. The wellness pod uses infrared light and heat to get straight to the core of the body. As your core temperature heats up, your body is fighting to cool you down and as a consequence your body burns major calories. The cocoon assists with body pain from cramps, fibromyalgia and muscle pain from exercising. You can lose two pounds of water weight and the infrared heat targets your fat cells and allows them to flush out the toxins from them. Don’t take our word for it though, come in and try it for yourself. The tanning beds are a perfect combo with the wellness pod! A lot of clients use them together! As an introductory offer you can pay $79 and have access to all of these. No sign up fees, just $79 monthly unlimited. This introductory offer won’t last long as we aren’t looking to sign up all of Salt Lake or Utah County. With this exclusive membership you can come in and out at your convenience and not stress about long wait times.

Life is short, change the world.

By visiting The Lash Bar, you are contributing to many humanitarian organizations globally. We carry fair trade products from India. Women used their recycled saris to make products instead of throwing them away! Thank you for making a difference!

We just brought some incredible products back with us from Ethiopia and can’t wait to share these beautiful items with you. Read our latest blog post for more info on where these products are from and how purchasing them continues to empower and uplift women in multiple countries.

A portion of all profits go towards humanitarian work.